Wild Florida Airboats: Airboatin’ in Kenansville!


If you’ve never ridden in an airboat, it’s about time you should. I’ve had the pleasure a few times now and it feels like riding a motorcycle on the water. You get in, the pilot revs up a huge propeller, and then you go skimming across the surface as the boat seems to hydroplane across the reeds and the hyacinths. When he takes a corner, the airboat leans just enough to be thrilling but not enough to scare the bejeezus out of you.

Best of all, airboats can take you to stretches of river and into swamps that you’d normally never see and that’s reason enough to sign up for an airboat tour. I’ll introduce you to several airboat services in a future article, for now I’ll point you in the direction of Wild Florida Airboats in Kenansville (click link for map).

Their tours range from 30 to 60 minutes, and they even have night tours (which I’d wager is pretty darn spooky). Here in the headwaters of the incredible Everglades you’ll see alligators, herons, and perhaps even a bald eagle. Afterward, drop into the wildlife park to see zebras, watusi, emus, tropical birds, and tortoises.

If you’ve done Orlando’s Big Three and would like to see Florida in its natural state – check out Wild Florida Airboats.

 If You Go

Wild Florida Airboats
3301 Lake Cypress Road
, FL 34739
(407) 901-2563

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