Waldo: Where Shopping is Impressive

By: Gary McKechnie


If you’re a big fan of flea markets, you might be interested in heading to Waldo. I headed up there a few weeks ago and found the Waldo Farmer’s & Flea Market, a 50-acre complex featuring 900 dealers and a 20,000 square-foot antiques mall. They say it’s largest in North Central Florida.

It’s interesting that the population of Waldo’s only about 1,000 but each week about 40,000 people are here to look through the markets. If you think about it, if the same ratio were true in New York City, then 40 million shoppers would be descending on the Big Apple every weekend.

To reach Waldo, just travel off the beaten path to the junction of highways 24 and 301 northwest of Gainesville.

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Don Marchand
Don Marchand August 14, 2014 6:26 PM
Waldo. Starke and Baldwin, Florida are notorious, legendary speed traps. These towns fund their budgets with the ticket pad and show no mercy. These police departments make it up as they go along. Infractions are real or imagined. Avoid these towns at all costs.....burn the gas and take the long way around.