Sanford Has It Happening for the Holidays

By: Gary McKechnie


Growing up, I used to drive through Sanford all the time. We had a sailboat and would leave from the marina and sail across Lake Monroe to a parcel of property we owned on the other side.

Now it’s 40 years later and I still love going back. Within the downtown district are some wonderful shops featuring home décor and antiques and art, and there are great places to drop in for a bite to eat, including my favorite, the Colonial Room.

And when you’ve walked around the town then walk over to the waterfront where there’s a park and picnic pavilions and the RiverWalk, a winding walkway that skirts beside the marina and offers a steady and picturesque view of glorious Lake Monroe.

It’s sounds trite, but it’s almost like Mayberry.

And if you’re looking for Christmas gift, look here. What you’ll find may not be found at a mall, but only in a place like this where merchants have returned from shopping expeditions and found some special antique or collectible that – surprise – would be a wonderful present for a family member or a friend or… you.

One last thing: If you appreciate art, especially pieces by untrained artists who work from a place of pure inspiration, be sure to visit Jeanine Taylor Folk Art. Dedicated to celebrating and preserving Southern folk art, special homemade holiday pieces will be featured through Dec. 31.

For more information on the shops and styles of Sanford and what to do while you’re there, visit

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