Exciting Art: Let There Be Light (and Color) at the Lake Eustis Museum Exhibit

By: Gary McKechnie


A picture’s worth a thousand words so I’d recommend you take a glance at some of the images attached to this blog and the link below.

Through June 30, the exhibition COLOR and LIGHT: Ellie Diez-Massaro will be on display at LEMA (Lake Eustis Museum of Art). I haven’t met the artist, but I’ve seen a few of the pictures and I love ‘em. Her works, which turn ordinary landscapes into magical dreamscapes, have been shown across America. According to LEMA, Diez-Massaro “hand paints black-and-white infrared photographic prints to create stunning evocations of color, light, and mood.”

If You Go
Lake Eustis Museum of Art
1 West Orange Avenue
(352) 483-2900


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