‘Off the Beaten Path’ Facebook Page Fills in Blanks on Florida History

By: Gary McKechnie


In addition to blogs that share news and information about “off the beaten path” Florida, there are a few other sources that’ll give you the skinny.

One that I’m very proud of is the Off the Beaten Path Facebook page. Every so often when on the road, I’ll snap a picture and post it with a “where am I?”

Ten times out of ten, a reader gets it right and then several other facebook fans will add to that correct answer by providing the history of the place.

That’s what happened when I rolled north on Highway 41 near Dunnellon and spotted a Stonehenge-style row of domes made of red brick. Having no idea what they were, I took some photos and then posted them online. To my surprise, not only did a lot of readers know where I was, they knew what these structures were.

Turns out they are enormous kilns that were once used to make charcoal. That was news to me – as well as to more than 5,000 other facebook followers.

If you haven’t yet, follow my ‘Off the Beaten Path’ page on facebook. We’re always learning something new.

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