Destination: Egmont Key

By: Gary McKechnie


I’m starting to think there are more places in Florida that I haven’t seen than ones I have. But I’m sure I’ve been in the vicinity of Egmont Key because I’ve been to Tampa lots of time and this is an island at the mouth of Tampa Bay. But forgive me if I haven’t been there yet.

It’s accessible only by boat.

So this is another destination I’ll add to my list, and I hope you add it to yours. According to its website, there’s a whole lotta cool nature and history shaking on Egmont Key:

• It’s home to gopher tortoises, sea turtles, nesting shore birds and migratory birds.

• There’s an 1858 lighthouse here that’s still maintained by the Coast Guard as an aid to navigation for ships and recreational boaters.

• During the Civil War, Union and Confederate troops were here, and troops returning from the Spanish American War were quarantined here.

• Sadly, it was also an internment site for Seminoles on their way to reservations after the Second and Third Seminole Wars.

Today, it’s a popular destination for boaters and beach goers and it’s looked after by The Egmont Key Alliance, Inc., which is a non-profit organization formed by the citizens of the community to support Egmont Key State Park.

That’s another great thing about Florida: There are always people doing the right thing. Things like looking after our natural resources.

And they’re ready for you to visit them at Egmont Key.

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