Bok Tower Gardens Pairs with Bunker Hill Vineyards To Save Endangered Flower


One of the most beautiful places in America just happens to be in the heart of Florida. And if you haven’t seen Bok Tower Gardens, you’re in for a treat. (click the link to learn more about it.)

I just learned that through the Rare Plant Conservation Program (RPCP) at Bok Tower Gardens, they’re partnering with the Bunker Hill Vineyard of Duette, to introduce a population of the critically endangered Florida Goldenaster marking the first time the RPCP has introduced an endangered plant species onto privately owned land.

It’s a good match. Larry and Lenora Woodham own and operate “Green”-certified Bunker Hill Vineyard where sustainability, recycling, and environmental stewardship is extremely important, so it’s clear the Florida Goldenaster has found a good home.

Demonstrating their commitment, the Woodhams will allow the habitat developments to remain in place without interference ten years.

Endangered flowers may not receive the same attention as endangered animals, but it’s nice to know the folks at Bok Tower Gardens and Bunker Hill Vineyard are working together to give the critically endangered Florida Goldenaster a second chance.

Visit the Bunker Hill Vineyards to learn more about one of the state’s rarest plants (and to pick up some wine), and be sure to visit Bok Tower Gardens (863/676-1408) to savor some of the most incredible scenery in Florida.

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