Google Maps Florida Beaches for the World To See!

By: Gary McKechnie


Being a VISIT FLORIDA Insider is a great gig, but I’ve learned that there are some other really fantastic gigs out there. One of them involved two-person teams trained by Google Map experts who walked along Florida’s shoreline week after week and month after month until they had covered 825 miles of our spectacular beaches which will be integrated into Google Maps.

And they just completed their journey.

These teams carried a backpack loaded with a special 15-lens camera that captured 360-degree images of our most popular beaches as well as the hidden and sheltered ones that only locals know about. When everything’s all set, folks all around the world will be able to log discover what we’ve known all along:

Florida has some of the world’s most spectacular beaches.

For more on the Google Maps project, read this Sun-Sentinel feature. Then hit the beach.

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