Join the Florida Audubon Society's Bald Eagle Watch Program

By: Gary McKechnie

Join the Florida Audubon Society's Bald Eagle Watch Program

Did you know that, in order, the largest bald eagle populations are in Alaska, Wisconsin, and…


Our state has more than 1,200 nesting pairs of bald eagles, and Florida’s Audubon Society is always looking for people like you to join their EagleWatch Program, a “volunteer citizen science program.”

Each year during the nesting season (Oct. 1 through May 15) individual eagle pairs return to the same nesting territory. But encroaching urbanization sometimes interferes with their plans.

So what began with just 22 volunteers in 1992 now has more than 250 volunteers monitoring more than 270 nests. Not only are they finding a half-dozen new nests each year, volunteers also watch and report on the status of newborn eaglets.

The sight of a bald eagle is stirring. Helping to ensure their survival is an honor.

To learn more about volunteering, check with the EagleWatch Program, or call Maitland’s Audubon Center for Birds of Prey at (407) 644-0190.

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Alton Martin
Alton Martin February 21, 2014 5:49 AM
We have a new group in Jacksonville Fl working with Matt Smith of Eaglewatch. I willsend this link to members and ask them to join