Apalachicola’s First Film Festival: October 19th!

By: Gary McKechnie


It’s impressive when folks get together, have an idea, and then create something that, with hard work and timing and luck, becomes a part of a community.

That’s what’s happening in Apalachicola where the one-day Apalachicola Riverfront Film Festival will make its premiere Saturday, Oct. 19 and, hopefully, become part of the community.

In its inaugural year, the organizers are going to focus on local filmmakers, national and international films, and student films. I don’t have space here to tell you everything about it, so I’ll leave that to its detailed website, www.apalachriverfilm.comwhere you’ll find a list of films and speakers, and its facebook page, www.facebook.com/apalachriverfilm.

Not only will there be films, there will be food. If you don’t know already, Apalachicola is renowned for its oysters (as you’ll see in this video I made). Even if there wasn’t a film festival happening and great food to eat, you’d want to visit this historic town just to see its historic downtown, the waterfront, historic sites, and nearby St. George Island.

So visit the Film Festival site, see what’s showing, and head to Apalachicola. It’s one of Florida’s best features.

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