Golf Digest Survey Probes What Golfers Really Want

By: John Schwarb


Most golfers pride themselves on honesty, from playing by the rules to counting every shot regardless if it’s a birdie or a snowman. But as it turns out, we’re incredibly fickle, too.

OK, maybe that’s not a newsflash. But a recent Golf Digest survey pointed out some interesting differences between what golfers say makes them happy and what actually does make them happy.

You can read the methodology here, which involved surveying thousands of golfers. The results show that in rounds played away from one’s home course, wishes like a good pace of play and ease in scheduling tee times are more blather than belief.

When it comes to pace of play, golfers say they don’t want four-hour-plus rounds and loathe backups that turn a morning round into a half-day affair. Out of 13 different factors, including course design, quality of practice facilities, clubhouse merchandise, food and beverage and more, golfers say pace of play is of utmost importance. But survey results show the opposite – pace of play is dead last of those 13 factors.

Think about it – when you’re on vacation, does it matter if you’re on the course a few extra minutes? Probably not, if you are enjoying a round in a great setting. Course conditioning, the No. 1 survey answer, is instead what golfers really cherish, followed by design.

Makes sense, right? When you’re having a steak dinner with your buddies at a place like Innisbrook Resort, I bet you’re talking about the quick greens you played and those tough par 5s, not so much perhaps the backup on a few tees from a full course on a glorious day. (To name just one place.)

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