Instruction to Take Home from the John Webster Golf Academy at The Breakers

By: John Schwarb


Instructional opportunities at golf resorts have never been better. So many properties have teaching academies with state-of-the-art equipment, from cameras to record swings at every angle and computers to turn you into a 3D image and, best of all, some of the best instructors you’ll find anywhere.

But what happens after vacation is over and you return to your home course, only to find that you could still use that extra set of eyes?

If you visit the John Webster Golf Academy at The Breakers in Palm Beach, one of Florida’s iconic hotels with two great golf courses, you can virtually take your instructor home with you.

Through their Online Academy, Webster and his team keep in touch through videos, offering their expertise a lesson for as long as a student needs it.

When I visited Webster recently, he was just finishing up critiquing a video from an out-of-state player he had seen in person months prior.

Webster offered his comments in the player’s virtual locker on the academy’s site, where the player could log in anytime to review it and keep it as a reference.

“All it takes is your iPhone now, prop it up, videotape yourself, send it back,” Webster said. “I can get back on and say, ‘this is better, this is worse,’ then hop on the microphone and send back an evaluation.

“Even if we only see them once, we can have that connection. For someone we see all the time, we can set up a series (of videos).”

I asked Webster about the pricing of frequent online video evaluation, and he said it’s no hassle for him to do a five-minute tutorial, gratis – the goal is return visits from clients for more in-depth instruction.

And who wouldn’t want a return visit for golf instruction in the luxurious setting of The Breakers?

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