West Palm Beach's ShipSticks offers travel bag solution

By: John Schwarb


If you’re a veteran golf traveler, chances are you have an airline horror story involving your golf bag, or know someone who has.

I can still remember going to the Atlanta airport as a kid to up Dad from a golf trip. He had one of those giant red Spalding staff bags that were popular in the early 1980s. When it came off the baggage carousel, it wasn’t red anymore.

Fast-forward three decades later, to the era of airline baggage fees and (still) sometimes-iffy baggage handling. Combine that with the hassle of carrying your golf bag anywhere but on the course itself, and you have the impetus for a new  industry: golf bag shipping.

One company out of West Palm Beach, ShipSticks, is a growing player in the market. ShipSticks is partnering with major resorts like PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens (which touts the service on its website), creating a seamless route for golfers to get their bags from home straight to the course with zero hassle.

The process is essentially the same as preparing a package at home and taking it to a shipping location (or you can have it picked up from your home). The bag can be at a course the next day or the next week, depending on your needs. And if you’re staying at a place like PGA National for the duration of a vacation, the bag can be shipped out just as easy as it was shipped in.

For more information, see their website at www.shipsticks.com


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