New '30A Beach Blonde' Beer on Tap for Summer

By: Rachelle Lucas


Grayton Beer Company and are working together to create the perfect Florida ale and you have the chance to choose it's label!

Head on over to and choose between three designs, one modern, one vintage, and one that is kind of earthy.  The new 30A Beach Blonde Beer is expected to be on retail shelves and on tap in Panhandle restaurants and bars later this summer.

"We created 30A Beach Blonde to retain some lager characteristics, while featuring the flavor profile associated with modern light ales," said Grayton Beer Company's Head Brewer Shank, who crafted the tasty new recipe. "It will be a session beer that can be enjoyed by everyone."

I certainly can't wait to try it!  30A is known for meandering along some of Florida's most beautiful beaches and for having some of the top restaurants and chefs in the state.

"30A Beach Blonde is an authentic local creation, and we want our fans to be a part of the process and story," said 30A.comʼs Mike Ragsdale. "We want fans to enjoy 30A Beach Blonde on those long summer days out on the beach, but we also want it to remind them of their time here on 30A, long after they've gone home."

Click here now to vote for YOUR favorite label design.  My personal favorite?  Choice C.

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