A Gigantic Dessert Worth a Bellyache

By: Rachelle Lucas


What's the largest, most sinful dessert you've ever experienced?  For me, it's the gigantic ice cream sundae available only at the Sugar Shak in Rosemary Beach.

This signature dessert includes 16 (yes, that's 16), scoops of ice cream (one of each of their Edy's flavors), plus all their candy toppings, chocolate sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, whipped cream, and two cherries on top.  It's worthy of a TV food contest, and the owners say one father and son did order one (each) to see who could finish one first.

The dessert is appropriately named "The Bellyache" and is enough to serve one to 10 people based on your appetite.

My husband and I gave it a try and put a pretty good dent in it. But it still looked like 16 big heaps of ice cream after we had our fill. It's a popular choice for birthday parties, family eating contests or just cooling off after spending the day at the beach.  

In case 16 scoops isn't enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, the Sugar Shak carries about every flavor and style of candy ever made, from vintage favorites such as candy buttons, clove bubble gum and sugar-cigarettes to modern decadent chocolate truffles. If it's made with sugar, they probably have it in stock.

So if you're vacationing in Rosemary Beach and find yourself in the mood for ice cream, or just need a candy fix during a road trip along 30A, make sure to check out the Sugar Shak.   

LOCATION:  The Sugar Shak

5 Main St, Rosemary Beach, Fla., 32413

**If you're plugging this into your GPS, you might have to use Panama City Beach as the city**

MORE INFO:  (850) 231-3655

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