Disney's Magic Kingdom Flag Retreat Ceremony

By: Carrie McLaren


Most people think of Walt Disney World as rides, food and family fun.  And while it’s all of those things, one of my favorite things in the parks is the Flag Retreat ceremony that takes place each day at the Magic Kingdom Park.

Every afternoon at five o'clock in the Magic Kingdom Town Square, a full honor guard lowers the American flag with a simple, but moving ceremony.  It's an experience done in true Disney-style - with grace, respect and pride.

In addition to the honor guard, a special guest is chosen each day to participate.  This guest is a veteran visiting the park, and honestly, I'm not sure how this person is chosen, I’ve been told it’s random but I’m not sure.  Regardless, I think it’s something everyone should see on their visit.

I'm not even ashamed to tell you that I cried during the ceremony.  It's so moving to see everyone on Main Street stand still in silence as the flag is lowered.  What a fantastic way to celebrate our country and also honor veterans.

On your next trip to Walt Disney World, I'd highly recommend you experience this ceremony.  It's definitely a highlight in my Disney experience and one I will now rearrange my schedule around to see each time I'm at the park.  Truly magical.


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