Sweet Florida Bliss at Knaus Berry Farm

By: Kara Franker


A special guest came to visit me from Kansas City, and knowing she was a farm-to-table food addict, I took her down to Knaus Berry Farm to sample Florida’s finest fresh vegetables and their to-die-for cinnamon rolls.

Here’s a guest post for the VISIT FLORIDA Entertainment & Luxury Insider by Nicolle Wilson:

I’ll admit it. After entering the realm of urban farming and experiencing the satisfying spectrum of tastes and colors of farm fresh produce on my plate on a regular basis, I’ve become what some may call a food snob. There’s just something incredible, downright transcendent, about the sensory experience of biting into crisp vegetables and lush fruit straight from the soil.

You can imagine my enjoyment, then, when my sister brought me to pick fresh strawberries and tomatoes at the family and locally owned Knaus Berry Farm, and it did not disappoint. 

We arrived midmorning on a sunny Saturday and the farm was already in full swing with patrons arriving to pick from the fields and to snag a fresh-made fruit shake. After grabbing a strawberry shake ourselves, we headed around to the fields in the back, picking a container full each of bright berries and ripe tomatoes.

The real star attractions, we quickly discovered, were the cinnamon rolls. Bakery Manager Thomas Blocker was kind enough to pull a few homemade, warm, gooey rolls straight from the oven for us to sample. Once we got to them, they didn’t last long.

It’s no wonder why the line for the rolls was trailing all the way to the street and why Knaus Berry Farm has now shipped cinnamon rolls to every state in the U.S. as well as to troops in Afghanistan -- good news for out-of-state visitors like me or for locals who want to send friends and family a little bun of sweet Florida bliss. 

Check out the VISIT FLORIDA Entertainment & Luxury Insider Facebook Page for photos from our adventure at the Knaus Berry Farm.

If you go: Knaus Berry Farm is open seasonlly from November to April. Their personal blend of small batch roasted coffee, Bald Bakers Blend, as well as the incredible shakes and cinnamon rolls, are available year round. 

Be sure to check out the Knaus Berry Farm Facebook Page for more info. 

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