Gifts for the Angler, All Year Long

By: Terry Tomalin


When it comes to fishing tackle, you can never have too many jig heads or live bait hooks. Other things, such as needle-nose pliers, seem to have away of always falling overboard or winding up in your buddy’s tackle box.

So do your favorite angler a favor. Buy them gifts they can actually use.

A good de-hooker: Inshore or offshore, a good de-hooker is a great gift for any angler. If you keep you hands off a fish you will increase its chances for survival.

Pliers Sheath: Where did those dang pliers go? You will never have to ask that questions again if you keep them on your belt.

Artificial Shrimp: Today’s artificial shrimp lures look good enough to eat. These are the hottest selling baits of the season. The lifelike action mimics that of a live shrimp.

MirrOlure: This Florida-based artificial lure is a fish catcher. Snook, trout, and redfish will not be able to let this bait go.  It has great action and, best of all; it’s as soft as real bait yet still very durable.

Fluorocarbon leader material: Nobody likes buying leader material but you have got to do it. A good leader withstands abrasion and is virtually invisible under water. Buy 25-pound test for your inshore angler; 85-pound test for your offshore enthusiast.

Gift Cards: Don’t know what to get? Buy a gift card from you local tackle shop. Your favorite angler may want to use it to put new fishing line on their reels.

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