Undocumented Magic on Fort Myers Beach

By: Lauren Tjaden


It figures.

I knew I should have brought my camera, but I had already photographed Fort Myers Beach extensively before a storm chased us off of it. And besides, we were just going for a brief evening stroll.

We ambled to the shore.

I looked into the sky and gasped. An enormous rainbow stretched over the angry waters of the Gulf, vivid and glorious.

“Should I go back and get the camera?” I asked.

“No, let’s just go on our walk,” my hubby Paul said. “Besides, it’ll probably be gone in a few minutes.”

So we hiked onward. But the magic was only beginning. We saw a perfect pyramid rising out of the sand, crafted by someone with infinitely more patience than I have. Minutes later, a dolphin arced out of the waves, not five feet from where we stood.

Next, we witnessed a fisherman waging a fierce battle on the bay. He finally dragged a stingray to shore, the creature furiously lashing its tail. Cut free, the ray rested in the shallows, exhausted, while we fretted. To our relief, he gathered his wits and flew away.

On the final leg of our journey, we wondered at the beauty of an osprey landing in her perch, wings braced against the wind, a tidbit clenched in her talons.

It chafes to know I can’t share any of those images with you. But I’ll always remember them. And treasure them.

Now go make some special memories of your own.

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