Slide Show: Escape on Sanibel Island

By: Lauren Tjaden


Sanibel Island.

Just rolling its name over my tongue invokes memories. I remember my friend Jill, silhouetted against the Gulf, exclaiming over the shells she found -- a sea urchin, a fighting conch, and a scallop.

I strolled the beach with my camera, the sand pleasantly gritty against my toes, snapping pictures of pelicans, of children playing in the surf, and of a fuzzy pink-hued crab I couldn’t identify.

Jill and I laid back, lounged by the pool, told each other secrets and discovered Key Lime Pie on a stick.

And looking at the slide show I made of our stay there, at Casa Ybel Resort, brings back even more recollections. Ones that make me smile and shake my head and resolve to pick up the phone to give my old buddy a call.

Take a peek at it to see if Sanibel’s a place where you might like to make some memories too.

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