Secret Underground Hangout in Delray Beach

By: Lauren Tjaden


I’ve got a secret. But luckily for you, I’m about to spill the beans.

After a fabulous but long day exploring and filming in Delray Beach, my local guide suggested we retire to 3rd and 3rd

"It's the coolest place in town, " she said. "Right back there."

I said I hadn't seen the sign.

She smiled. "It's sort of an underground hangout. It  doesn’t have a sign. You just have to know about it."

Turns out this hidden gem was just the medicine I needed.

A fat leather couch invited me to melt into its arms, and I did not refuse. I nursed a glass of Malbec, chatted with new friends, and grazed on sea scallops seared and basted in thyme butter.

I thought it couldn’t get more perfect when a beautiful wisp-of-a-girl took to the stage with her guitar and sang a haunting lullaby. Her voice was true and sweet, and I had to wipe away a few tears when she was done.

3rd on 3rd felt like home. Only with a lot better food and music.

I’d advise you not to miss it. Just don't tell anyone how you found it.

Insider’s Tip: 3rd and 3rd is located at 301 NE 3rd Ave, Delray Beach, FL; 561- 303-1939‎. When you see the eclectic sculpture of the nude woman drinking wine you’ll know you’re at the correct spot.

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