How to Make a Florida Chill

By: Lauren Tjaden


I know of one of the finest recipes in Florida—and the world!

This concoction for relaxation is simple, but you’ll savor it immensely. And the memories you make will be delectable too.

How to Make a Florida Chill

  • Start with a glorious evening by the surf. You should be close enough to see it and to feel its salty breeze.
  • Next, find a place to dine. You’ll need something outside with shade. An establishment with large beach umbrellas or a tiki hut will do nicely.
  • Season with generous portions of seafood. You may add a dash of wine, a cold brew, or a tropical concoction as desired.
  • It’s ideal if you can sprinkle in a couple of cherished friends.
  • Mix ingredients until you feel good.

Check out my pictures of the recent evening I spent – and relished—at the Brass Monkey on Pass-a-Grille Beach, for a demonstration of this recipe.

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