Get What You Deserve on Amelia Island

By: Lauren Tjaden


It’s  times like right now that I have to ask myself: What did I possibly do to deserve this?

I’m sitting on the private deck of my swanky, seventh floor condo, Ocean Place at Summer Beach on Amelia Island. I’m separated from the ocean only by a sweep of rolling dunes. I can see a couple strolling far below, a dog trotting beside them. The sand is white, turning to hues of light pink and orange where the waves lap over it. The Atlantic is singing; the air is cool and it smells clean.

I’m nursing a glass of Merlot, feeling the knots in my stomach unwind. I can hear quiet things, like the rustle of my notebook page in the breeze.

I don’t really know what I’ve done to deserve this, but I’m cherishing every second.

I hope you find some moments like this soon, too. And I hope they feel as good to you as these do to me.

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