Get the Complete Picture of Florida’s Beaches from Google and VISIT FLORIDA

By: Lauren Tjaden


I have often wanted to be able to share Florida’s beaches with visitors -- or with people planning to visit– from every angle.

One photo or even 10 photos won’t do the trick. Each tells an incomplete story. If I were planning a visit, I'd want to know how crowded the beach was. I’d want to see if the shoreline dropped off sharply, with an unpleasant ridge, or if it curved gently in a smooth arc. I’d want to see if it was fringed by skyscrapers or by sea oats. I’d want to see if it was wide or narrow, and I’d want to see the color of the water.

We’re talking about a lot of photos.

But now my dream of being able to give people a true, detailed picture of our beaches is coming true, to help them find their perfect stretch of sand.

VISIT FLORIDA and Google maps have teamed up to take a tour of all 825 miles of Florida’s beaches, with the goal of creating panoramic views of every Florida beach, similar to Google’s street view. The Florida project is the first large scale mapping effort of beaches — and camera toting teams are doing the job on foot!

The camera is a big blue ball that weighs a whopping 40 pounds. The orb contains 15 cameras and extends above the carrier’s head, snapping a picture every 2.5 seconds. The mappers walk up to 7.5 miles a day, and are paid a flat fee of $27 per mile, but cover all of their own expenses such as accommodations, transportation and food.

I actually met the Google trekkers and saw the famed blue camera at the Governor’s Conference on Tourism, but the pictures I took came out a little dark.

So I just included a couple pictures of Florida’s sweet beaches with this article. Think of it as a preview.

Because pretty soon, you be able to see every inch of Sunshine State shoreline.  The complete picture.

Check out the daily journal of VISIT FLORIDA beach Trekkers and Google Street View camera.

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