Dreamy Cruising on Daytona Beach

By: Lauren Tjaden


 This is just the excuse I’ve been looking for.

I’ve been yearning to don a bikini and take my convertible for a spin on the sands of Daytona Beach; feel the sun on my skin, grin at everybody while the clouds coast by and the Atlantic plays against the shore.

The 6th Annual Daytona Beach Dream Cruise, Oct.  25 - 27, 2013, is the excuse I’m talking about, and you might consider letting the event tempt you into making a trip to Daytona’s famed sands, too. 

You can swoon over some sweet rides at the Dream Cruise, or show off yours. The event will feature car and truck shows, and open houses and activities on A1A near the ocean, in Ponce Inlet, and at the Blue Grotto. 

The fudge on the sundae is that the event is free for the public as well as for participants, with no admission fees at official event activities and no registration fees. 

All in favor of going, lower your right foot!


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