Florida's Number One for Fishing and Hunting


Florida’s For Fishing

When it comes to hunting and fishing, no other state compares to Florida. Last year, Florida’s 3.15 million anglers pumped $5.9 billion into the state’s economy, according to new data released today by the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation.

How many people is that? More than live in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater combined. Or if you put it this way, enough outdoors enthusiasts to fill every one of the state's professional sports venues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NASCAR) more than three and a half times.

In terms of economic impact, anglers and hunters city support 94,884 jobs in Florida, more than the universities of Florida, South Florida, and Central Florida combined.

So next time you buy a dozen shrimp, a new top-water plug or pack of shotgun shells, remember that you helping Florida stay on top as the nation’s number one outdoor destination.

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