Florida's Past is Your Present at Tallahassee's Museum of Florida History

By: Gary McKechnie


What I love about Florida is that it’s one of the most fascinating states in America.

I was born here and remember, at an early age, going on family road trips. I was amazed that without even crossing the state line we could see the Atlantic Ocean and the Everglades, the Gulf of Mexico and the Suwannee River, citrus groves and cities, sea level Key West and the rolling hills of Tallahassee…

Tallahassee. That’s the place to go for state history, because that’s where you’ll find the wonderful Museum of Florida History.

If your interest is in the Native American tribes of Florida, you’ll find it here. European exploration? It’s here. Exhibits on steamboats and river travel and Florida Crackers and early tourism and kitsch ‘Floridiana.' All here.

Quilts and citrus labels and military artifacts and baskets and movies and cigar boxes and the skeleton of a mastodon that lived here 25,000 years ago. All of this, and more, is here.

Whether you’re in Tallahassee for school, a football game, on business, or on vacation, if Florida fascinates you, this is the place to go – where nearly 50,000 items reveal the incredible natural, political, economic, geographic, and social circumstances that turned La Florida into the Sunshine State.

For information on hours and admission and more, call (850) 245-6400 or click here for the Museum of Florida History.

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