(Way) Better Flick than 'Jaws'

By: Terry Gibson


Years ago, while working on a story for Surfer Magazine, I came across a psychological study that found that the word "shark" was more terrifying to people than the words "wolf," "bear," and  "murder." Researchers had hooked the subjects up to heart- and blood-pressure monitors while they went through a list of word-questions. The spikes leaped skyward on the monitoring machines when the subjects' imaginations went to the oceans' supposed "man-killers."

Still, divers from around the world visit Florida to interact with these apex predators. In fact, Palm Beach County offers one of the best places to see sharks and other large animals such as goliath grouper and turtles. It's a great time of the year to "take in" a dive to see them up close and personal – after you check out this awesome documentary.

Starting March 21, celebrated marine renaissance men Dr. Guy Harvey and Wyland, along with shark expert and diver Jim Abernathy and Emmy award winning director George C. Schellenger, will show you, with mind-blowing underwater footage, why  our collective, innate fear of these majestic creatures threatens jobs, economic growth/sustainability and the ocean ecosystems that feed us and provide us with so many amazing opportunities to have fun.

Their award-winning nature documentary, This is Your Ocean: Sharks, completes its national tour with a series of final live showings in Palm Beach County starting March 21 with a gala evening event at Cobb Theatres 16 at Downtown at the Gardens in Palm Beach Gardens.

Florida has recently protected a number of highly important and threatened species, including lemon sharks, tiger sharks and most species of hammerhead. Come check out the show – in the theatre and under water.

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