Recipe: Grilled Florida Lobster Tails

By: Rachelle Lucas


Looking to add a little panache to your next backyard barbeque? This simple recipe will impress the neighbors. Courtesy of the Key West Lobsterfest, here are some easy instructions for grilling lobster tail.

I'll have more information coming to you this week about the Key West Lobsterfest. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Your favorite barbecue sauce 
Key lime juice (you also can use a mix of 2/3 lime juice and 1/3 lemon juice)
1 Florida Lobster tail per diner

If you start with live lobsters, you must kill them first by boiling for three to seven minutes depending on how many and how large they are. Bring a large pot of salted water to a full rolling boil and submerge lobsters, head first. You don’t want them well cooked; that will be completed on the grill. Let boil, drain and cool. I would suggest placing them in an ice water bath to stop any further cooking, before proceeding.

Mix enough barbecue sauce to baste the number of lobsters you will be grilling. About 1/2 cup per tail. Add 1/8 cup honey per cup of Bar-B-Q sauce. Add 1/4 cup key lime juice per cup of barbecue sauce.

Remove the meat from the tails by cutting down the center of the underside with heavy shears. Coat all sides of the tail meat with the sauce. Place on a medium-high heat grill. Grill for 5-6 minutes on each side (depending on the size), basting every few minutes. If you are starting with pre-boiled tails, cut the grilling time to 4-5 minutes.

Coat the inside of the empty tail shells with the sauce and place on the grill for the final 3 minutes. You will want to cook the tail shells to be sure not to transfer any uncooked portions. They will not take long, so watch them. Remove all from the grill and let sit for several minutes.

Return the cooked lobster tails to the shells for serving.

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