Getting the Most Vacation Bang-for-your-Buck!

By: Lauren Tjaden


You can thank Janet for this blog.

She recently asked me a question that I think many folks can relate to: How do you go about getting deals for a limited income family?

It occurred to me about mid-answer that everyone should know these tips, so I’m sharing them here.

My advice:

  • Pick destinations with LOTS of lodging, or that are off-the-beaten track. Daytona Beach and Panama City Beach are two examples of destinations with lots of lodging (including oceanfront); Indialantic (by Melbourne Beach) is an example of a tiny town where you can find deals.
  • Use the 'hot deals' tab on VISIT FLORIDA's homepage, on the upper right hand corner. It will give you all kinds of specials, which you can filter by destination.
  • Use the visitor's services website -- and the personnel staffing the visitor’s services-- of wherever you're considering going. To use Daytona Beach as an example again, there website has all kinds of specials you can find online. (At least half of the destinations offer online specials.) And absolutely call them. Ask if there's a better time of year or week and what they would suggest for your exact needs.
  • If you are military, a senior, a Florida resident-- or whatever -- ask if you can get an extra discount.
  • Use free events and low-tech activities. Many destinations offer free events all year long. For example, Pensacola, St. Augustine, Panama City Beach and Amelia Island are only a few of the destinations offering free concert series this summer. Likewise, an activity doesn't need to involve a lot of expensive equipment to be incredibly fun. Kayaking, hiking, and exploring parks are all examples of inexpensive, fun activities. One of my favorites is a night sea turtle walk, where you go out with a guide and hopefully watch a mother sea turtle lay her eggs. These walks are usually either free or very low cost, like $8 a person or so.

Now grab your flip flops and start packing!

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