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By: Gary McKechnie


I grew up in the 1970s which meant that, before turning my musical tastes to punk, I was listening to every song Elton John ever recorded. If you were an Elton fan then (and still are one, I’d bet) I hope you make plans to come to my hometown and attend the Mount Dora Music Festival. While Sir Elton won’t be in this quaint Central Florida town, Craig A. Meyer will be with ‘Almost Elton John and the Rocket Band’. Not only does Meyer look and sound just like Elton, he has the costumes that put it all over the top. He’s incredible – but he’s not the only performer at this four-day fest.

The Alter Eagles, the Defintitve Eagles Tribute Band, play on Friday evening at the lovely Mount Dora Community Building, which gives you a chance to relax and relive those halcyon days when you were driving around in your parents AMC Gremlin and listening to them on your 8-trak.

This is really going to be an impressive four days. Aside from Friday evening’s Eagles and Saturday evening’s Elton tributes, every show – every show – is FREE. And that means Gypsy Star (International), Watermelon Revolution (Reggae/Island), Porch Dogs (Cajun/Zyedeco), Slip & The Spinouts (Rocakabilly), Foothills Bluegrass Band, Hindu Cowboys (Retro Country), Jonathan Hodge (Florida State Fiddle Champ), and the Lake Concert Band (Classical Pop).

Plus there’ll be a Thursday evening KaraokeFest and an Improv Drumming Circle Sunday at dusk. For a full schedule of events and to order tickets, visit and be sure to visit additional features on Mount Dora at VISIT FLORIDA.

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