Amelia Island: Don’t Tell, But It’s One of My Favorites!

By: Lauren Tjaden


I asked my Grandmother Hazel once who her favorite grandchild was.

“Grandmothers don’t have favorites,” she said. “I love all of you the same.” But then she whispered in my ear. “Don’t tell the others. It might hurt their feelings. But l love you the best.”

I feel that way about Florida beaches. I love them all the same: the ones with golden-brown sand and the ones with white sand; the ones with waves and the ones with calm waters; the ones that are remote and the ones that swarm with activity. Except I love a couple of them – umm, best.

Amelia Island has always been one of one of the seashores closest to my heart because it resonates with me on so many levels.

The island, hidden in the Northeast corner of the state, has lots of things to do. You can hike, bike, surf, kayak or stand-up paddleboard; you can fish or eat out or shop. Nevertheless, you can always find an empty stretch of sand to fling your beach towel.

You have an abundance of choices for accommodations: You can be swaddled in the lap of luxury at a resort, enjoy an intimate bed and breakfast, or find a perfectly adequate hotel right next to the beach for a bargain price.

It’s not clogged with high-rises and traffic, and generally, you can whiz from one end of the island to the other in a matter of minutes.

The beach slopes gradually, and it’s wide, and that makes me happy because I truly am such a snob about the quality of the beach and the sand and the water. Many of the public beaches have showers, restrooms and places to wash your feet, so everybody can enjoy them, not just a select few. And the parking is free. I really like free parking.

Yes, you should go.

And yes, now is a fantabulous time to do it. Check out all these Amelia Island deals! They include everything from package offers to value cards to free nights in hotels.

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