Spooky, Cool & Beautiful: Pensacola’s Fort Barrancas

By: Lauren Tjaden


Fort Barrancas is dense and solid beyond belief, a massive structure hewed from the earth by slaves and soldiers. It’s an eerie place where your footsteps echo, with arches that curve up in front of you and behind you like an endless dream. It’s a place where it’s easy to imagine ghosts wandering, lost forever in its strangely beautiful corridors.

And you can explore it for free.

You’ll find the Fort Barrancas Area on 3182 Taylor Road, approximately a half-mile east from the National Naval Aviation Museum on the Naval Air Station in Pensacola.

Curious what it looks like?

Take a peek at my video.

Insider’s Tip: When you visit, make sure to explore the underground walkway tunnel to the Spanish-built water-battery. It’s incredibly cool and spooky and dark. And yes, wearing good shoes is a must!

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