Getting Your Feet Wet in Boating

By: Terry Gibson


During the Miami Boat Show, I had the chance to give advice to prospective boat buyers – in three languages nonetheless. It was so fun talking to people from all over the world about their idea of boating fun. Several more boat shows are coming up, including the Daytona Beach Boat Show, the Palm Beach International Boat Show, the Fort Myers Spring Boat Show and the Emerald Coast Boat Show. All offer great opportunities to ask experts about your boating needs, desires and concerns.

Boats of every genre will be on display, including sailboats, cruisers, offshore fishing boats, shallow-water fishing craft and ski boats. Each genre comes with its own universe of considerations, and experts will be on hand to answer your questions.

Discover Boating offers a wonderful primer on boat shopping and boating in general. It's a good idea to go through these steps before heading to a boat show or dealer.

The most important element in the Discover Boating primer is the advice on boating safety and opportunities for boater safety education. Getting into an accident is about the only way to have a bad day on the water, and boating is not as easy as it looks. The rules of the road are different from driving, and water is in constant motion. Many boating insurance companies offer discounts for boaters that have graduated from boater safety schools. And, a good many of these graduates go on to earn captain's licenses at various levels. It's a lifetime of adventure in learning. Here are few top programs.

Safely Moored is a professional, hands-on boating instruction, safety training, yacht management, dockside services & Yacht Sales in South Florida. 

US POWERBOATING is the nation's leading, on-the-water organization, offering courses for powerboat operators and is an affiliate of US SAILING, the national governing body for the sport of sailing. 

The Recreational Powerboating Association (RPBA) is the leading authority for hands-on powerboat instruction, powerboat certification & powerboat schools in the United States. 

The American Sailing Association (ASA) is the oldest and largest keelboat certification authority in the United States, with 300 Affiliated sailing schools worldwide.

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