Ever Tasted A Kumquat?

By: Rachelle Lucas


Kumquats are in season! I know, you might be thinking, "a kah-q-what?" Kumquats are a funny little fruit that's the size of a grape or olive and looks like a miniature orange. What's unique about it is that it's about the only citrus fruit you can eat rind and all. The skin is sweet and the pulp and juice is tangy and tart.

This week I picked up a pint at my local grocer, and since they're in season, you're sure to find them on restaurant menus throughout Florida. They're typically used as sauces and garnish with fish or chicken, as well as an accompaniment to salads and a base for some desserts.

If you'd like to try some at home, here's a link to a great recipe I found for making candied kumquats. You can use these to add a sweet citrus flavor to everything from salads to deserts.

There is also a fun recipe from KumquatGrowers.com for a kumquat refrigerator pie.


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