Discovery Saturday: 'Helicopters Past, Present & Future' at Pensacola's National Naval Aviation Museum Feb. 18

By: Gary McKechnie


I don’t think there are many aircraft quite as interesting as a helicopter. I still have no idea how they can go forward, backward, up and down with ease and, if they’d like, just hang in mid-air. Leonardo da Vinci was kicking around the concept 500 years ago, but they really didn’t take off until Igor Sikorsky perfected the idea in the 1940s.

If you head to Pensacola’s National Naval Aviation Museum on Saturday, Feb. 18, plan to attend the Discovery Saturday series, when retired Navy Captain Roger P. Murray presents "World of Helicopters: Past, Present and Future."

The presentation begins at 10 a.m. in a special location: Inside the Museum’s new Hangar Bay One that houses much of the Museum’s helicopter collection including the SH-60 B Seahawk and VH-3 Sea King Marine One. Few people are as qualified as Murray to speak on the history of helicopters, considering he commanded four different aviation and training organizations, both at sea and ashore, and made 15 helicopter rescues during his career and was once program coordinator for Naval helicopter programs on the CNO (Air Warfare) staff.

And guess what? These ‘Discovery Saturday’ sessions are free (the entire list of events, exhibits and attractions are at and you can call 850-453-2389 or 800-327-5002 for more information. Don’t just stop with helicopters. The National Naval Aviation Museum at the Pensacola Naval Air Station features nearly 350,000 square feet of displays and is one of the world’s largest aviation museums.

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