Take Your Car into the St. Johns River -- by Ferry

By: Gary McKechnie


I know a surefire way to make a good road trip a great road trip.

A ferryboat.

There aren’t many in Florida, but they're incredibly helpful in shaving off miles and many, many minutes by transporting across a river. And they offer something special.

As you ride north or south along wonderful A1A, just 30 minutes east of downtown Jacksonville is the tiny community of Mayport where the St. Johns River Ferry (aka Mayport Ferry) is waiting to take you away.

Since it saves me nearly 30 miles, I’ve used it on rides up to Amelia Island. Even if it only saved me a single mile, I’d still take it because it’s a neat kind of thrill. As you wait in line, you watch the ferry chug up to the landing, its massive bulk being secured. Then a line of cars, motorcycles, and pedestrians flows aboard -- to depart on a one-mile jaunt to the southern tip of Fort George Island.

Being on the water anytime is a pleasure, and being on it while being able to step away from your car or off your motorcycle to watch the wide St. Johns River flow around you provides a completely different perspective. It's something magical.

Next time you’re in the area on a road trip, take advantage of a service that’s been around (says the New York Times and Library of Congress) since the 1870s. And is here for you today.

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