Watch this Crazy Movie of Gatorland

By: Lauren Tjaden


I was shocked.

Much to my surprise, I loved Gatorland in Orlando.  I’m not much for touristy attractions, as evidenced by the fact it took me years to visit 'The Alligator Capital of the World,' even though it’s a mere 45 minutes from my house. I was braced for an onslaught of gift shops and pricey hotdogs – and indeed, Gatorland has those – but I was delighted to find it also features jaw-dropping shows, a water-play area, a breeding marsh abundant in birds as well as gators, and peaceful, fascinating nature walks through the swamp.

How cool was it? I couldn’t peel my eyes away from the action -- really. Half the time my mouth was dry and my palms were wet. At one point, you’ll hear me commanding the person in front of me to sit down. I was about to have a stroke watching the show.

Take a gander at this video I made of a few of the highlights of the shows and see for yourself.

And get this. It only cost $9.99 for admission, since there’s currently a special for Florida residents.

Now that’s a deal you should bite on!

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