Earn Your Spot in the Fishing Record Book


Florida is the place to go to catch world-class fish. The International Game Fish Association, the organization that maintains the book of world-record fish caught, makes its headquarters in Dania Beach on the east coast of Florida.

And when it comes to world records, anglers fishing Florida waters have racked up nearly 5,000, more than any other state or country.

The IGFA maintains both all-tackle and line-class records. The largest red grouper ever caught, a 42-pound, 4-ounce monster landed near St. Augustine by Del Wiseman Jr. on March 9, 1997, is an example of an all-tackle record. But Martin Arostegui also earned his place in history for the same species by catching a 3-pounder off Marathon Key on March 8, 2008, using 2-pound-test line.

But you don't have to catch a world record to get a little recognition. Contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and click on "Saltwater Fishing," then "Fishing Resources" and finally "Saltwater Grand Slam and Fishing Records" to apply for your slam certificate.

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