Jungle Island Adds White Lion, White Tigers And Snow Tigers


Don’t adjust your glasses, the lion and tigers are really white! Jungle Island, Miami’s top attraction, is opening its largest and most exciting exhibit yet featuring a white lion, two royal white tigers and two snow tigers!

If you’ve seen the Liger/Tiger exhibit, you know that its glass walls allow you to walk right up and see them in great detail. Well, the new cats’ home will be very similar.

Jungle Island is home to some of the world's most incredible animals including a set of orangutan twins, a liger and a cassowary (the most dangerous bird on the planet!) So now, with a Liger (half lion, half tiger) and a white lion – who will be King of The Jungle?

About these rare, white cats:

Ashley Serrate, the Public Relations Manager told me, “The white lion is not an albino but rather a rare color mutation caused by a recessive gene known as the color inhibitor gene. Their color ranges from blonde to near white...”

They are also extremely rare and it’s believed that only 300 remain in the world. White tigers have a certain genetic condition that eliminates the orange color in their skin, which is seen in other tigers. Apart from the absence of the orange color, some white tigers have very pale stripes, which are hardly visible. These white tigers without the stripes are called 'snow white' tigers.

So, there you have it. Get to Jungle Island and these unique creatures with your family. What an experience! Please post photos at my Facebook page when you go!

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