Florida Sunsets: The Greatest Earth on Show


I’m only making a guess, but I imagine the reason why people love living in, or visiting, Florida is the chance to see our extraordinary sunsets. I know sunrises are popular as well, but I’m usually asleep when that happens so I’ll focus on sunsets.

Maybe it’s something instinctual; the same way we feel when we’re around the water, for instance. Watching the sunset makes us feel like we’re part of something bigger; whether it’s nature, the solar system, the universe, or God.

Floridians have the best of all of this. Naturally, we’re blessed by nature, and with water features like rivers and lakes and the inlets and the Gulf of Mexico, our sunsets are spectacular. But some of my favorite sunsets have come when I’m out in the country, riding across some small hills or even when the landscape opens to flatlands near the St. Johns River or when I’m in Western Florida where the elevations are higher and, as I ride west, the sun just seems to draw me in its direction.

Every day in Florida, folks in Key West gather at Mallory Square to celebrate the sunset together. People are also doing this in Marco Island, Sanibel and Captiva, in Sarasota and Clearwater and Steinhatchee and in small towns like Mount Dora and Seaside and Monticello and on St. George Island, and at casual waterfront restaurants and at retro tiki bars and canoe outposts…

Each day we’re given an opportunity to witness one of nature’s most incredible sights. When that moment comes, consider turning off the television, stepping outside, and rewarding yourself with a gift. Time. Time to stop everything and experience one of the truly wonderful aspects of living in Florida.

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