Spotlight on Central Florida, A Little Peace of Home

By: Joanne Hunt


When organising a holiday most of us have a default plan that is a flight booking followed by a hotel reservation. Personally for me, coming from a big family that loves to travel, the option of a rented holiday home (with of course a few luxury extras) is always a winner.


Located in between Orlando and Tampa, Polk County is often referred to as the heart of Florida boasting an array of nearby activities for all ages; whilst only being a short 15 minute journey from the sought after attractions that Disney along with many other parks and experiences have to offer. Guaranteeing that your only issue will be, having to choose from more than 6, 500 luxury vacation homes. Two resorts that caught my eye in particular and can be deemed as nothing better than the idyllic “home away from home” were the Bahama Bay Resort & Spa as well as the Regal Palms Resort & Spa.


Bahama Bay Resort & Spa


Located in the Lake Davenport area of Polk County, the Bahama Bay Resort & Spa welcomes its guests on to an incredible 70 acres of land comprising of two and three bedroom family villas fully equipped and ready for guests; whilst still offering its visitors all the facilities of a full service resort including heated swimming pools, an option of dinning areas, room service, a market place gift shop and grocery store, fitness centre and of course a luxury spa offering a number of relaxation and beauty treatments.


Regal Palms Resort & Spa


A slightly quieter retreat yet still just a stones throw away from the buzz Florida has to offer; lies a number of three and four bedroom townhouses again fully equipped as well as three, four and five bedroom vacation homes nestled in tropical settings. If that doesn’t entice you to get booking the extra benefits of a 24 hour guest reception, a resort dining area, a games room, an on site market, luxury spa and a golfing haven not just adjacent but within close proximities too, should do the trick! 

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