Celebrity Chef Series: Chef David Bearl

By: Rachelle Lucas


In continuing with our monthly Celebrity Chef Series, I'd like to get you acquainted with Chef David Bearl.  His efforts to support culinary education through 'Farm to School' initiatives encouraging the use of fresh, seasonal, and locally grown ingredients in school lunch programs would make Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution proud. 

In 2010, Chef Bearl was inducted into the American Academy of Chefs, which is the honor society of the American Culinary Federation, representing the highest standards of professionalism in the industry. He is currently the Director of College Advancement with First Coast Technical College and has been a certified culinary educator for over 20 years.  His culinary contributions have influenced nearly every restaurant in the St. Augustine area and tomorrow you'll be able to catch him sharing one of his recipes live on WCTV.

Tune in to see him prepare a Squash & Datil Summer Sausage Gallette & Cabbage Strudel recipe that he developed for a 'Farm to School' educational workshop for food service professionals.  Also, check back with me here tomorrow where I'll post the recipe for you to try at home.

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