Glorious Underwater Video of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

By: Lauren Tjaden


I’ve tried to explain to people what scuba diving is like. How you move in a different dimension. How the colors are more vivid. How it transports you to a different world, one that is beautiful and often strange.

But no matter how I craft the language, it pales in comparison to the experience. It also pales in comparison to this video, recorded by Key Largo videographer Frazier Nivens in 2011. Sneak a peek at his glorious creation, and sneak a peek at the glorious underwater world of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Insiders’ Tip: You don’t necessarily need to be certified to try diving. Many establishments offer ‘Discovery Dives,’ where you take a course, including pool work, for a few hours, and then get to go out into the ocean for a dive. I have experienced three Discovery Dives, which have been some of the most memorable adventures I’ve ever enjoyed.

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