Essential Outdoor Wear

By: Terry Gibson


Countless visitors have gone home from Everglades National Park with a classic T-shirt souvenir that sports the Red Cross symbol, a cartoon mosquito with blood dripping from its proboscis, and a caption reading "I gave blood at Flamingo." These visitors might had had had do deal with some thirsty bugs, but most will tell you the adventure was well worth the "donation." That's because they caught the fish of a lifetime, and/or encountered wildlife such as American crocodiles--critters you'll only find in the globally unique ecosystem called the Everglades.

But if they'd had the right cloths, they might not have donated as much.

Like any warm-weather boating/fishing destination, Florida produces its share of blood-sucking insects, including several mosquito species, the tiny biting gnats called "noseeums" or "sand flies," as well as horse and deer flies. They're much more of an issue during Florida's warmer, wetter months. Even then, they mostly feed at dawn and dusk.

Fortunately, new technologies offer protections that don't involve stinky bug repellent. For example, Columbia's odorless Insect Blocker technology bonds repellent with the line's lightweight fabric fibers. Other leading outdoor sportswear manufacturers also offer clothing that repells biting bugs. Simms offers its BugStopper and BugBlocker lines. Orvis and Ex Officio offer their cloths with BugsAway technology.

These insect-repelling cloths come in a wide variety styles and sizes. If you're planning on spending time outdoors in Florida, you can make your vacation more enjoyable by coming prepared. And these lines will let you arrive and travel in style.

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