Everglades Duck Hunting Video


Check out the new VISIT FLORIDA duck-hunting video that we shot during the 2011-2012 season on Lake Okeechobee.

It was a banner year for ducks and duck hunters here in one of the most underrated waterfowl destinations in the country. A duck hunting trip to the Everglades should be on every hunter's "bucket list," right up there with wheat fields of Saskatchewan, the bayous of Louisiana, and the flooded timber of Arkansas.

Hey, I'm a little partial, but it's an absolutely unique ecosystem, and one of the prettiest places to watch the sun rise and set over decoys in the world. The diversity of waterfowl species is also astounding. Come check it out next winter. The odds of limiting out early are good, so make sure you bring a fishing pole or two as well, for our lunker bass and slab-sized crappie.

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