Enjoy the Glide

By: Terry Gibson


The other day, I was idling in from a fishing trip on the Mosquito Lagoon, near Titusville, when I came upon a scene that made me turn off the engine and melt into the surroundings. A woman paddling alone in a baby blue kayak was surrounded by manatees and completely absorbed in watching them frolic. One manatee even rested its head on the the bow of the kayak. I heard the woman gasp with delight.

Kayaking has really taken off in Florida, and it's an inexpensive way to get in a good workout while you slip soundlessly into Florida's natural splendors. The glide is exhilarating.

Fall is a great time to go kayaking. The changing seasons have all sorts of wildlife migrations under way, from ducks to wading birds to massive schools of baitfish. Kayak rentals are fairly ubiquitous these days in Florida. Just do a Google search for rentals in the area you plan to visit.

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