Florida's Food Towns

By: Gary McKechnie


In addition to social media, I also get to do some real writing on stuff that strikes my fancy about Florida. Sometimes, it's serious; other times it's funny – like a look at how some towns got their names.

In this case, Florida towns whose names were based on food. There's a whole platter of them around the state: places like Berrydale, Bean City, Peach Orchard, Fruit Cove and Mango. For a second course, try Honeyville, Mulberry, Newberry and Plant City. There’s a bushel of citrus including Citrus Center, Citrus Park, Citrus Springs, Orange Heights, Orange City, Orange Lake, Orange Mills, Orange Park, Orange Springs, Orange and Orangedale. And what about Cook, Picnic, Pass-A-Grille and Farmdale?

That story's online now, and if you want to know about Cocoa, Tangerine, Two Egg and others, click to read about Florida Food Towns.

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