Drift To Sleep at The Ritz-Carlton, Naples

By: Rachelle Lucas


With hectic work and travel schedules, my overactive mind will often keep ticking with ideas and I find it difficult to fall asleep. It seems sometimes I toss and turn all night long. Do you ever have the same experience? If so, the spa at The Ritz-Carlton in Naples developed a solution for us heavy minded travelers called Drift To Sleep. For the "ultimate relaxation therapy" this ritual includes tried and true methods for helping you slip into a deep slumber.  

After a long drive from Orlando to Naples, I couldn't wait for a power nap! First, I met with a sleep therapist to talk about my normal sleeping habits. Turns out, I'm on my laptop a bit too late at night. Being a digital nomad, I'm not surprised to hear this. I listened intently to the great suggestions the therapist recommended I try at home while sipping comforting herbal tea and lounging in a dimly lit room. The calming environment already had my eyelids feeling a bit heavy before the treatment had even begun. 

The first part of the sleep ritual included a body scrub to slough off the stress of the day and improve circulation. This was my first ever scrub experience and I have to say, it kind of tickled! Next, I stepped into a warm milk bath with soothing aromatic essential oils. Unlike a normal home tub, the Ritz-Carlton's spa bath is designed to cradle you in comfort while surrounding you with relaxing Jacuzzi jets. After drying off from the bath, I tucked away under the comfort of a feather duvet as the therapist massaged my neck, shoulders and scalp. I don't even remember the last half of my massage... I was out cold. Instead of waking up groggy and hunting for caffeine like I do most mornings, I awoke feeling refreshed as if I had just snoozed for eight hours. It was the best nap I've had in a really long time.  

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