Surfing to the perfect downward dog



Surfing to the perfect downward dog
If you’re seeking enlightenment, the thought of doing a sun salutation by the sea is easily the quickest way to achieve zen. But if you’d rather have abs you could crack a whole bag of walnuts on, there’s a new twist on the classic postures to tone you up faster – yoga on a paddleboard.
Combining eco-adventure and exercise, Lazy Dog in the Florida Keys has started new two-hour classes which start by paddling out across the calm waters, giving you a chance to spot some of the local sea life and birds, before moving on to the yoga work.
Instead of working from a mat on dry land, you use your paddleboard to balance on while you carry out the chanting and breathing exercises plus seated and standing postures, all in the centre of a tranquil mangrove cove.
Suitable for beginners to more experienced yogis, the class costs around £19 ($30). Or if that sounds rather more effort than you’d like, try the Yoga Sunset Boat Trip from Yoga on the Sea, for around £41 ($65).
Mixing ommmmmm with mmmm, you can chill out during the short cruise, before the boat anchors up for a serene hour of yoga and meditation as the sun sets – followed by wine and snacks.

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